Webi 4.0 charts and Adaptive Processing Server


If you get an error “red X” in Webi 4.0 where actually should be a chart have a look into the CMC and check whether at least one Adaptive Processing Server hosting the Visualization Service is up and running (and enabled). Times are gone when life was easy to understand and for Webi just the Webi Proc Server was responsible…
(sometimes you even don’t get till the error. I tried to open some reports and nothing showed up at all, not even an error message…) SAP should start to add a “Dependency” function similar to regular Windows services!


6 Responses to Webi 4.0 charts and Adaptive Processing Server

  1. What Support Pack / Fix Pack combination are you running?

    I found that this occurred with SP2 fix pack 15 but was cured with the application of SP4. Additionally,

    I agree that the APS is no longer simple.

    For some reason SAP have decided to package up somewhere around 23 services within a single APS out of the box. There are very few environments where this is appropriate. I would recommend having a serious look at the article (and responses) on Dallas Marks Blog http://www.dallasmarks.org/blog/2011/11/sizing-the-adaptive-processing-server-in-bi-4-0/

    • rbranger says:

      thx for your comment! This one I experienced on a SP04 install without any patch yet applied. Indeed I agree with you that SAP somehow missuses the original intention of the APS to centralize low performance consuming services into a single server…

  2. Some further possible causes from the release notes of packs;


    Sometimes chart images do not display. Instead a red cross displays. There can be two causes of this:
    1) When you have a small red cross in a white rectangle where the image should be: The image has not
    been found – this is probably a cache issue (under investigation). Try using the Control Panel to clear
    temporary files from cache.

    2) When you have a white cross in a red dot, this is symptomatic of a load balancing issue. Perform the
    following administrator tasks:
    a) Clone AdaptativeProcessingServer several times (depending on the load of different services deployed)
    and dispatch those services on all cloned APS, thus the load is balanced.
    b) Enable Monitoring in AdaptativeProcessingServer (CMC/servers/Web Intelligence Monitoring Service/
    Enable Monitoring is true). Enable the APS Service Monitoring in WebIntelligenceProcessingServer (CMC/
    servers/Web Intelligence Core Service/Enable APS Service Monitoring is true).

    Support Pack 4
    Red Cross (X) displayed for charts due to Visualization Adaptive Processing server unable to write blobs to
    Web Intelligence cache or temp directories if on separate physical machines in a cluster.
    New Behavior
    This problem is resolved.

    Feature Pack 3
    In a Web Intelligence report in the Web Intelligence Rich Client and BI launch pad, a red cross is displayed
    for Vertical bar and Line charts.
    New Behavior
    The problem is resolved.

    Feature Pack 3
    Desktop Intelligence report converted in Web Intelligence shows red cross instead of a graph.
    New Behavior
    This problem is resolved.

  3. cdejalle says:

    Hi Raph,
    I am facing to the same problem before in my first BI4 project. Now, I found some tips for configuration ( clone APS with any services, increase memory for APS,… ). Contact me trough e-mail if we want discuss and share our experience.
    The post of Dallas Marks is good (although a little old 11/2011)
    Thanks and good luck

  4. Dallas Marks says:

    Raphael, it’s frustrating to me that the visualization service is listed in the CMC as a “Web Intelligence service” when clearly it is a “core service” (it also powers the charting in Crystal Reports for Enterprise and Explorer).

    Yep, my post is getting old. Hard to believe it’s almost a year old and we’re all still looking for more information on the APS (anyone else wish it had an ‘F’ in the acronym – grin ?). I’m curious to see how many presenters will tackle the beloved Adaptive Processing Server at next week’s ASUG SAP BusinessObjects User Conference in Orlando, Florida. I’m also looking forward to reading about the APS in the forthcoming Greg Myers/Eric Vallo (disclaimer, my co-workers) book from SAP Press, SAP BusinessObjects System Administration – http://amzn.to/QbC2hP. It should hopefully become available in October.

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