Using HANA on Cloudshare Part 1: Setup connectivity

Hi everybody

As you may know I’m a great fan of Cloudshare, you’ll find my previous post about testing in the cloud here. So far we had to use “traditional” databases like SQL Server or Oracle to work in Cloudshare. Finally SAP managed to get its new baby – HANA – to various cloud platforms, including Cloudshare –> see here for an overview. They provide you with a regular Cloudshare environment with 24GB RAM with two machines, the HANA server on Linux and a Win7 client with HANA Studio – you can register for the 30 day trial sponsored by SAP here:


So far so good. But what is the value of an isolated HANA database? It’s pretty small. Usually in Cloudshare, an “environment” is quite isolated network wise, therefore my first idea was to extend the 24GB RAM and add another machine, e.g. with BO4 installed. Unfortunately the maximum RAM per environment is 32GB. Even more sad that BO4 doesn’t really work with 8GB of RAM… What to do? A first inquiry with Cloudshare showed that obviously the HANA environment is somewhat special. After some try and error I found how you can easily connect to your HANA environment both from your local client or another Cloudshare environment. Let me share my findings with you in this blog. As you can read in the title I plan some other posts, especially about how to fill data into HANA using SAP BO Data Services.

First thing we need to do is creating a static vanity URL for the Cloudshare machine. For this switch from “My environments” to “My Account”. There go to “Vanity URLs” and specify whatever you want – the only thing you can’t take anymore is hana 😉


As you can see, there are two public URLs available now: the regular with and a second one In the background these two URLs are mapped to different public IPs. Whereas the first one gives you the default access to ports like 80, 8080 etc. the second one seems to redirect also HANA specific ports like 30015. Therefore you don’t need any kind of port forwarding as suggested in forum threads like here. Don’t forget to click “Save changes” at the end of the page.

You can now do a first test within the HANA Studio on Cloudshare itself – add a new system and use <your-name>



As you can see in the last screenshot, the only “issue” with the connectivity is, that somehow the status information of the HANA server cannot be retrieved, therefore you don’t get the green light but a yellow one. But don’t worry, everything works fine.

The next and so far final part is to connect from another Cloudshare environment, e.g. using the Information Design Tool:

Create a new relational connection using the HANA JDBC driver:

07_AddConnection1  08_AddConnection2

And finally you can start to build your data foundation based on this connection:


Hope this helps. Wish you a lot of fun playing around with HANA on cloudshare!


41 Responses to Using HANA on Cloudshare Part 1: Setup connectivity

  1. Shubhnam Singh says:


    How do i use this process to connect from my pc? I mean how do we finish it with the last step “Create a new relational connection using the HANA JDBC driver”?

  2. Mani says:


    Thanks for the blog. I got rid of the yellow light problem as below:

    Step 1: Add an entry in the C:\Windows\system32\drivers\etc\hosts file (You may have to run Windows Notepad as administrator): hanacloud

    Replace with the real IP obtained as below:
    Ping from a DOS prompt to get IP for Cloudshare HANA server (external address of HANA instance):
    Note: The IP address might change after restart of the instance in CloudShare.

    Step 2:
    Add the system using hanacloud as the hostname (Don’t use

    • rbranger says:

      thanks for this hint!

    • mesh says:

      Thank you mani,
      I tried that and it works fine,, thank you for teaching me the basics ;p

    • Satya says:

      I did this process and it now recognizes my cloudshare hana instance and shows green light for Hana system. But every time I start the instance, my Hana Server on Cloudshare is throwing a dynamic ip address. So Is there a way to use vanity url name in windows hosts file so it never changes.

      • Mani says:

        No. hosts file contains the IP to hotsname mapping. Either you have to update the IP in the hosts file manually or write a script for the update. Using vanity URL does not help, since the hostname in the hosts file needs to match the hana server/DB hostname.

    • Avijit says:

      hello Mani,

      Thanks this hint.

      I have been trying to resolve this issue since long.


    • Jatin says:

      Thanks Mani…works find for me as per your inputs…

  3. nahhoj says:

    I need help.
    I don’t know to Create a new relational connection using the HANA JDBC driver
    I don’t know where find the Information Design Tool in my computer.

    thank you

  4. Piyush Ranjan Mishra says:

    This will solve your issue on XS Engine…

  5. The Information Design Tool is a SAP Business Objects tool, to design Universes and other objects related to BI in the SAP world. You can download it from SAP Marketplace if you are part of a company that owns licenses, or if you purchase SAP Business Objects yourself.

    I have created my connection to our HANA without an issue. Thanks to this great article, help that not even SAP know the answer, nor wanted to spend the time and provide one.

  6. satish says:

    hi everyone,

    i am facing the issue mentioned in the blog. Tried the option by configuring the ip in host file. but could not help me. please guide me in these concern. As i do not carry information design tool. is there any solution that can change status from yellow to green,

    • Mani says:

      Satish, Can you copy and paste the line you added in the hosts file for IP-to-host mapping?

      • satish says: hanacloud
        i did ping to the external ip provided to me by cloudshare and got the mentioned ip.

  7. Mani says:

    Satish, You have to make sure you have done the following:

    1) Get your hana server/DB Linux hostname (this is probably hanacloud).
    2) Add the IP to hostname mapping in the hosts file. (as you did above)
    3) While adding the system in the Hana studio use hanacloud (don’t use

    • satish says:

      Hi Mani,

      1. Host name : hanacloud
      2. this is the ip obtained while ping command executed in command prompt for the link
      3. i tried with adding hanacloud in host file. but it didnt fetch me anything

      Status still remains in yellow. and i can find some services are not started. how can i we the list of services those are not started. and my servers are in green status in the tab landscape.

      • Mani says:


        I don’t understand #3. If you add something like: hanacloud

        in your C:\Windows\system32\drivers\etc\hosts file using Administrator (right-click on Notepad >> Run as Administrator >> open hosts file), then you should be able to add hancloud as the hostname when you add the System in HANA studio Navigator (SAP HANA Systems) tab.

        To find the services in yellow:

        From the HANA studio Navigator (SAP HANA Systems) tab:

        Double-click the System or right-click >> Administratror.
        See under Landscape tab.

  8. Reetika says:

    Hello Sir,
    For adding a new system I followed the steps provided by you including the vanity URL and all. MY question is when i enter the host name and instance number, after that in the next screen it ask me for user name and password. I am wondering which username and password it is asking for. Do i need to create new user name and password there which I’ll be using in further development or what. Please help.

  9. paula ditallo says:

    branger–Thanks so much for blogging on this topic–it really is nice to have a visual as way to assure you’re headed down the right path.

    newbies–it sounds like some of you are trying to connect to hana via your laptops/desktops. you’ll need the odbc/jdbc drivers for that. right now you can get a copy of those (32/64b) here:
    pay attention to which odbccad*.dll you use to create the dsn–one is under system32 another will be under syswow64. if you pick the wrong combo you’ll get a mismatched architect message.

    remember, the cloudshare root/pwd combo is for the linux box, not hana–that username/pwd combo is different– and can be found on this url:

  10. Ankur says:

    Thanks for the great blog Raphael Branger, really a great help.

    But i am stuck in a slightly different situation. i am trying to connect to hana database from HANA studio installed on my personal computer. I don’t have access to IDT. Now in this situation is there any way i can make the relational database connection.

  11. Nishu Sharma says:

    Great blog! However I have a issue since the day I started the trial version. When I try to add the system, I am using the credentials as SYSTEM and password as manager as stated. The port it selects by default with the Vanity URL is 30015. I have tried it changing to 8080 as well. The receive the message “The system cannot be reached. The login data could not be used.” I have followed all the steps but still the issue persists. I also noticed that all my colleagues who installed a week ago are able to work fine and all those who installed and started the trial period this week are facing the issue. I am not sure what is the issue. Could you help?

    • rbranger says:

      Sorry, no clue as I’m currently not actively using HANA on cloudshare. My colleagues do but I haven’t heard that they might have problems. The only thing I’ve heard on Twitter was that SAP is currently revising their platform on Cloudshare and update HANA to the latest revision.

    • Avijit says:


      As far as I know you are not suppose to change the port number. There will be a default vanity url for each VM when you create your environment. You can change HANA server vanity url name” as mentioned in above screen shots”.The same should be provided while creating a system. Remember, in host name section “Do not change port number”. Follow the below steps to create a system.

      1. While adding a new system, you need to provide correct hostname. ie

      instance: 00

      2. In case if you changed SAP HANA server “Vanity URl”, you need to use that as a Host name.

      If you are still getting error message(s) with the HANA Studio (on Cloudshare desktop image) to the HANA DB after you enter the correct username or password:
      a. “Error when connecting to system”:

      The issue seems to be caused by a corrupted secure storage file.
      As a workaround, please follow the following steps:
      1. Delete your HANA connection on the Navigator tab in HANA Studio, and then close the HANA Studio.
      2. Open windows explorer, and navigate to C:\Users\Administrator folder on your Cloudshare desktop.
      3. Find the folder “.eclipse” and rename it to “OLD.eclipse”:
      4. Open your HANA Studio and set your HANA DB Connection again. You will be prompted to set the password reminder for secure storage file. You can choose “No”.
      5. After that, the new “.eclipse” folder and the new secure storage file will be recreated.
      6. Close and re-open your HANA Studio, to verify that the workaround fixed the connection issue.

      hope this helps!


  12. SRI says:

    Hi GURUS,
    i am accessing HANA from HANACLOUD..

    can you please help me on this….

    1. not able to configure from local system
    i took IP address from CLOUD and given in my local laptop, added same in HOST file also…
    but it is not working… 😦 ..saying system is reacheble with the given host name

    2. not able to load the content for SFLIGHT sample data…can you please help me on this.

    i tried to load sample data like below path:

    please help me on this…i tried to below one also:

    Window -> Preferences -> Administration Console -> Catalog

    checked box “Fetch all database catalog objects” and applied the change.

    Refreshed the Catalog tree but saw no SFLIGHT schema.

    please help me on this..


  13. Raj says:

    Hi Raphael and All,

    I’m bit new to could share. Can you help as with my connectivity Issues as I’m first time trying to connect to hana cloud share (30 days evaluation) and followed the steps for adding the system but it throws errors like “the system cannot be reached. the login data could not be used. can not access the system on host ‘handcloud’ etc.

    i) I’m able to connect to Hana boxes on the cloudshare
    ii) using URL, I did configure Vanity URLs ( and saved
    iii) I’m struck with the step of adding system which throws above error

    For server, I tried using various server names like ,, hanacloud (as per readme) file, username/pwd: SYSTEM/manager

    I did try deleting .eclipse

    I’m sure, I might be missing something. Please throw some light.



  14. Adrian says:

    HI All,

    I am having the same problem when trying to instal HANA on my laptop.
    Maybe final sombody from the GURU’s is going to provide step by step instrction, so everybody can enjoy trial version. It is easy to just say it should work I doean not work so inform everybody how to do it.

    Following steps were performed when installing:

    1. Sing up to trial version
    2. Change of external address to on which suite me so in this case adrianhana82
    3. Ping of external address in the DOS and recived IP
    4. Added to the host file in directory: following hanacloud #hanacloud
    5. Installed HANA studio and HANA client from the SAP site download. Also JAVA 1.7 is required to install and restart your PC.
    6. Start SAP HANA sutdio
    7. Adding system and now steps
    7.1 providehost name as
    7,2 Instance number 00
    7.3 on the next screen user : SYSTEM ; password: manager
    7.4 host:
    8. Connection adn still yellow indiaction under HDB
    9. Part of HANA JDBC driver is not clear at all.
    User Piyush Ranjan Mishra expalined to run on the remote desktop http://hanacloud:8000.
    My question what thi si solving.

    I was tryiing diffrent solutions for last 3 days. Non of them is working.
    I guess best option is just to do step by step instrcution with the print screen and then all questions answered. Lets not ask tons of question but create instruction diffrent from those provided by the SAP itself.

    Thnak you for your support


  15. Cristiano Wagner says:

    Hi Guys,

    Following your instructions I could solve all the issues you faced but I cannot launch the applications I developed with the the SAP HANA studio.

    The web access – http://hostname:port/application.xsjs was not found. Did you have a silimar problem?

    Thanks for your help,


  16. Bhasin says:


    I have connected to HANA DB Server with my Local HANA Studio. Now i am trying to create table structure and load data into HANA DB through data servicies. I have completed the step till configure import server. Next when i click on import under content section in hana studio, i am not getting ‘Information Modeler’. Pleease help me on this.


  17. Christoph says:

    Hi guys!
    I followed your posts but I did not find a solution for my issue.

    I want to connect an external tool with my SAP HANA cloudshare database (30day trial) via JDBC. The tool has a configuration file and I modified the file in the following way:

    connectionUrl = jdbc:sap://hanacloud:30015?user=SYSTEM&password=manager
    driver =
    schema = SYSTEM

    The HANA JDBC driver works, I also modified the Windows host file as above mentioned.

    The problem now:
    The tool says: “Cannot connect to host: hanacloud:30015 [connection timed out: connect], -813

    Previously I tried the tool with PostgreSQL, it worked fine. I don’t know what’s wrong 😦

    Can you help me?



  18. Nicole says:

    Hi guys,

    I have a question regarding the secure storage in hana studio.

    I am using hana via cloudshare and recently my secure storage was locked.

    I´ve solved this problem by the following post:

    I´ve read that this can happen if the the secure storage file is corrupted.

    My question is how the secure storage is getting corrupted and is this a general problem or can this problem be fixed by sap?

    Thank you for your replies.



  19. FYI –

    As of July 15, 2014, the Cloudshare 30 day free trial is no longer available.

    Please check out our SAP HANA Developer Edition page, on SCN, for other options to run the latest version of SAP HANA.

    Jonathan Baker
    SAP Developer Relations

    • rbranger says:

      Hi Jonathan, thanks for the hint. Altough I still see the link to register for the 30 day HANA trial for Cloudshare on the HANA dev center page…

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