rbra_profil_2016_quadrat_hiI studied Information Management at the university of Fribourg, Switzerland. Since more than severnteen years I work for IT-Logix where I developed the Business Intelligence consulting business from two people (my boss and myself) to over 30 consultants today. Between 2008 and 2019 I was member of the executive committee as Chief Knowledge Officer and ad interim as COO. Afterwards I was elected into the Board of Directors. Still my main occupation is my role as Senior Solution Architect. My technical background is mainly Microsoft (SQL Server, SSRS, PowerBI, Azure), (SAP) BusinessObjects, the add-on market around it as well as WhereScape (the leading vendor for Datawarehouse Automation). On the conceptual side I’m a pragmatic Kimball user, IBCS Certified Consultant working with the Interational Business Communication Standards IBCS and Certified Disciplined Agile Practitioner certified by the Disciplined Agile Consortium. I’m a member of The Data Warehouse Institute (TDWI) responsible for building the Young Guns Community in Switzerland.

Currently I’m focusing on four work areas:

  • Agile Business Intelligence methodology
  • Requirements Engineering dedicated to BI projects
  • Data Warehouse Automation
  • Business Information Design

I’m a regular speaker at national and international conferences which include the following recurring events:

19.07.01. Event MAKE BI ITX (561)

Please contact me using the contact form or on LinkedIn or XING if you’d like to have me as a speaker in your own organization / for your own event.

If you prefer reading some of my blog posts in German, find them here.

6 thoughts on “About”

  1. Good morning. We are looking for consulting assistance in Business Objects Security. Someone who is experienced in setting up the security model and who can also do the configuration and implementation.

  2. Hi Raphael, your blogs are very close to my heart . i read them.
    Recently i am pulled into a Migration project from BO XI R2 SP1 to BO 4.0 SP6. i am pretty new in this business and confused where to start. Could help me in this i will be grateful to you. thanks.

    1. Hi Tilak

      For the basic understanding of the SAP BusinessObjects platform a regular or individual training course might be the best way to start. Once you know about the available features and how to use them have a look here: http://scn.sap.com/docs/DOC-25474 This page gives you a great overview of available resources to upgrade BO to version 4.x

      Best regards

  3. Raphael,

    I came across your blog and found it extremely informative. We are deploying BO 4.1 (currently using BEx suite) and are putting together a case to include Design Studio and/or WebI as our primary tool(s). Aside from SAP’s Reporting Vs. Discovery advice, I’ve had an incredibly hard time trying to find specific differences between the two. I saw your post about tool selection, but perhaps you could share some specific examples of when one would be prefered over the other? We are thinking about having WebI available for all analysts, and perhaps a handful of Design Studio liscenses for key superusers/IT folks.. what do you think?

    1. Dear Erik

      Thanks for reading and getting back to me. I use “comparison dimensions” to position tools against each other. There are three highlevel comparison dimensions I’d apply in a first step: Type of (end user) interactivity, connectivity and maturity. Let me briefly position Webi and Design Studio along these axes.

      – Design Studio is an environment to create “apps”. This goes along with the type of interactivity (for end users) which I call “guided interactivity” because the end user can only follow the ways and features you as a developer “pre-think” for the user. If you add a pie chart and the user doesn’t like the pie, he/she cannot change it.
      – Webi provides also certain elements for guided interactivity (e.g. prompts & input controls in combination with conditional display of blocks), but it is definitely more powerful in terms of “free interactivity”. That means end users have pretty easy possibilities to modify a report (or save a modified copy of the report depending on their rights). In addition Webi provides much more functionality out of the box like drill-down and export formats.

      Connectivity: There are major differences in how Design Studio and Webi can connect to SAP BW. Whereas Design Studio is “BEx WAD 2.0” and built from scratch to be compatible with BW / BEx queries, Webi is clearly different. Webi was never thought to connect to a multi-dimensional database (e.g. using MDX) but to relational data bases. As Webi caches the data in its “micro cube” actually the BW structures need to be somehow fit into the Webi format. The basic functionality to connect to BW is here, no question. But there are certain details which are not supported. Have a look at Ingos blog here to learn more where the limitations are in Webi: http://www.mastering-sap-and-businessobjects.com/comparing-web-intelligence-and-sap-businessobjects-analysis-part-1/

      Maturity: Webi is on the market for many years now and pretty mature (though not perfect ;-). Design Studio is a version 1.x. Simply don’t expect the same maturity especially in terms of the number of features for Design Studio compared to Web Intelligence. After all, as I suggest in one of my blogs, always do a hands-on test before you decide which tool to choose.

      There are many more things to write here, but I’m a little bit short in time. I’ll send you my coordinates by email and if you are interested let’s have a chat “offline”.
      Best regards

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