How to configure BO Explorer 4.0 to run with BWA

Hi everybody

This is just a quick note about my findings how to get BO Explorer 4.0 to connect to SAP’s Business Warehouse Accelerator (BWA). Besides the possibility of a relational UNX universe based connectivity, this is the only way in BO 4.0 to connect Explorer to an SAP BW.

As it seems many others have the same question – while reading this blog please keep in mind it is not a well researched articel, it is just a write-down of some current findings. They might be incomplete and I’m happy to see comments from your side about what your experience is.

If you look into the official admin guide of BO Explorer you’ll find only the BO side configurations. No word about what’s necessary to configure on the BW side. That’s why so many of you (including myself until a few days ago) never saw this “BWA node” in BO Explorer. For me the key was to find the following documentation:

Basically I had to configure two main things on the BW side to get the BWA connecting to BO Explorer:

  1. “start program RSDDTREX_ADMIN_MAINTAIN In ABAP Editor (transaction SE38) with OBJECT = ‘POLESTAR_SYSTEM’ and VALUE = ‘2’.”
  2. “Enter transaction code RSDDTPS in the input field. The Explorer Object Selection screen appears. On the left of the screen, there is a list of all BW objects that can be activated for display in SAP BusinessObjects Explorer. The objects are displayed under the InfoAreas that they belong to. The icon in the Explorer Status column indicates that the corresponding object has already been activated.” (more infos here)

After having applied these and some other properties described in the documentation above, some restarts of Tomcat and the BO Explorer services we finally could access the BWA indexes from within Explorer.

A helpful page is the following wiki (although I couldn’t find the info above on it):

And a last remark: I got several times a Tomcat stack error including the following statement:


I first thought this might be due to some misconfiguration I did by chance when trying to setup the BWA thing. It was not. It’s some kind of login / SSO problem. Simply close all browser instances (e.g. Internet Explorer) and login to BI Launchpad again and then open Explorer. It should work again.